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Director’s Corner

Director’s Corner                                                                                  October 31, 2014

Since my office doesn’t have any outside windows, my awareness of the weather outside is usually limited to what I can view on the security camera monitors.  However, this morning I felt the impact of the 30 degree drop in temperatures this week as the wind gusts hit 50 mph rattling the windows before I was even out of bed.  And my first thought?  — I sure hope the roofers finished yesterday.  I didn’t even want to consider construction workers on the roof with this kind of wind.

As we enter what I hope is the home-stretch on the construction project, I’m wondering what I’ll do next after all of this is completed.  For visitors to the library, the construction has been going on for the last six months.  For me, it’s turned into a way of life.  I’ve been involved in planning sessions and meetings since 2007.  We started with Needs Assessment Focus groups, and then spent time with a Building Planner to design a new facility.  When that option fell through, we had to analyze all of our options and with the decision to put an addition on the front of the existing building, the number of planning meetings increased every month.  First there was the selection of an architect and when was the best time to begin.  Once the initial plans were in place, we had to work out details — how much could we afford to add, had we saved enough money to fund the project, and how would we operate during construction?

As with any construction project, things haven’t always gone smoothly, and many times I was ready to throw in the towel and scream.  Fortunately, we’ve been working with some top-notched construction managers who are all focused on doing a good job and getting the job done right.

At the same time that we’ve been trying to cope and work while undergoing construction, changes in other areas have been happening. In September two Supervisors, Bill Downs, Head of Adult Services and Margaret Thomson, Circulation Assistant retired after 16 years.

As we’ve been living with daily changes in the building, it seemed the time to analyze our employee requirements.  Just as we’ve made changes in the building, we made some significant changes in job duties and responsibilities.  After six months without a Marketing Clerk, Alicia Tyler has joined the staff as our new Marketing Assistant in charge of all Social Media and print publicity.  Marla Cole-Wieringa has moved from Circulation Clerk to our Page Supervisor.  Jeanne Mueller has filled the newly created position of Business Manager.  Lisa Korajczyk has joined our staff as the new Public Services Coordinator in charge of all services for those over 18 years of age.

Jonae Kates and Alex Kennard have also joined the staff as our evening Pages.

For all of our regular visitors, thank you for the patience you’ve shown and please bear with us as we continue to work through what seems like endless changes.  For those who’ve not been here for some time, or never, please drop by and share our excitement.

Kathy Berggren, Library Director

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