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Director’s Corner

Director’s Corner                                                                          May 5, 2014

I was checking the date of my last column and was shocked to see I hadn’t written since February.  People say “where did the time go?” and for me it always seems to be “where did the last few months go?”  Time keeps marching on and I seem to stay so buried in work and family that I’m always getting caught wondering – “where did the time go?”

Since I last wrote, we’ve had several staff changes including the resignation of Keri Hofer, our Marketing Clerk.  Included in her many projects, Keri had updated our Social Media presence, edited our newsletter, and was working with me on several fundraisers.  While we were happy for her that she was able to secure a full-time position with benefits; it once again reminded us of our frequent loss of talented personnel because we are unable to hire more full-time employees.

As I’m always working to stay current on trends and human resource regulations, I attend several conferences and workshops throughout the year.  Since February I attended the Management Association’s Annual Conference in Schaumburg; sat through ten hours of webinars broadcast by the Public Library Association; and, attended a couple of monthly HR Roundtable discussion groups.

The library hosted interested citizens and elected officials for a groundbreaking ceremony to kick-off our planned construction project.

In April we celebrated National Library Week with free coffee and donuts every morning.  Tuesday that week we highlighted National Library Worker’s Day and on Wednesday we celebrated Patron Appreciation day with cake and juice.  The Youth Services Department sponsored a Treasure Hunt throughout the library that week and the library hosted its first Book Fair which raised $594 towards our building furnishings fund.

Some of you may have noticed the paper recycling bin in the south parking lot has been removed.  Two reasons for this: one is the space was needed during construction, and two, the recycling company said they would not be paying us for our paper for the next year.

As to the construction project, we have set up a temporary emergency exit through the Youth Services computer room while we add an ADA (American Disabilities Act) approved ramp to the northwest emergency exit.  Since the new addition is being added between the parking lot and the front door, we will be using the emergency exit in the Youth Department as our main entrance.  We are also enlarging the parking lot to add more parking spaces.

They say change is constant and this year Matteson Public Library is the model.

Kathy Berggren, Director


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