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Director’s Corner

February  17, 2014

Today is one of ten holidays the library workers celebrate.  Luckily for me, I hadn’t made a lot of plans on what I would do with my time off.  In fact, I had thought it would be a good day to go to the office and address some of that paperwork that always seems to get interrupted.  Instead, we have 3-4 inches of snow on the ground and it’s still coming down.  So, rather than completely waste the day, I decided it would be a good day to update this column.

In early December I was spreading the news that we had nearly completed the floor plans for a new addition to the library.  Since then plans have been finalized, specs have been published, bids turned in by contractors; and, the end of this week we will face the Village’s Planning Commission who we hope will approve the plans we’ve worked on for the last eleven months.

The other issues being addressed at the moment deal with the 50th anniversary of the Matteson Public Library.  I used to stare at the east wall of the Dominick’s grocery store that read Serving Matteson Since 1964.  Well Matteson Public Library has also been serving Matteson since 1964; and, we have no plans to leave Matteson.  In fact we expect to be serving Matteson for another 50 years and work towards that end as we make our plans for future programs and services.

During the last fifty years Matteson Public Library has witnessed endless changes in public libraries and the services they provide their communities.  How have libraries changed?  Primarily in how we approach deciding how we can best serve our communities.  First and foremost we have to answer the question – What makes a public library great in a rapidly changing world of new technologies?

While MPL does not have a traditional branch library, we do have a virtual branch library.  Using this branch library allows patrons to find programs and register to attend, review – place holds- and renew items in the collection; access information in our databases, and view policies.

In-house, the library offers access to computers, the collection, a variety of programs and classes for every age, and personalized reference services.  Additional services include notary public, voter registration, fax, photocopier, tax forms, museum passes, and more.

Thinking positively:  soon the snow will stop, warm temperatures will melt the snow, and with approval from the Village MPL can move forward with our groundbreaking and begin construction on the new addition.

See you at the library,

Kathy Berggren, Library Director

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