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Director’s Corner

Director’s Corner                                                                               July 17, 2015

After weeks of rain, and more rain and still more rain, the sun is shining today and the temperature is a more traditional hot, muggy July day. Not to worry, the inside of the library feels like a delightful cooling center.

When this column was started, the goal was to post a monthly column. That worked the first couple of years but this year I haven’t been quite so lucky. With so many changes coming one on top of the other, this has been the MOST unbelievable of years.

When we started construction on the new wing in March 2014, we planned on an eight month project. With more bumps in the road than anyone could have predicted, we were still trying to finish all of the fine little details well into summer 2015. And while trying to cross everything off of our to-do list for the building, the SWAN consortium (who host the software we use for cataloging, circulation of materials, and the automated catalog), rolled out a new software package in mid-April. This necessitated everyone on staff being retrained on the software, trying to assist customers with the changes, and coping with the inevitable computer glitches that love to haunt any new software program.

In May, the library filed with the courts to convert from a Village library to a District library. The courts are expected to approve this motion in August and if so, the new District will become official on January 1, 2016. This conversion won’t impact residents as it is more specifically being carried out to grant the library more autonomy in its operations.

In June, our Summer Reading Program kicked off with a fun-packed Saturday that included a mini-golf course outside, a lip sync competition, a bake sale, refreshment booth, and several other game opportunities. This year the library has been hosting a full complement of programs for all ages, from babies to seniors.

And in the middle of the Summer Reading Program, just so the staff doesn’t get too complacent, we activated the self-checkout kiosks and the automated check-in units.

With all of this happening in such a short space of time, it raises the question: what next? Not to fear, the staff is working on a multitude of new services and programs for the residents of Matteson. Some of the upcoming changes are more downloadable applications for smartphones and computers, passport registration, conversion of VHS tapes to DVD for patrons, after-school clubs . . . the list goes on.

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to register your email with the front desk so that you can receive weekly updates on new services and programs.

See you at the library. – Kathy Berggren, Library Director

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