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Director’s Corner

Director’s Corner                                                                               February 24, 2015

As I’m sitting here typing this morning, the song lyrics Do you want to build a snowman? keep running through my mind. Those who know me know I love the movie FROZEN and even have a stuffed Olaf in my office and a book of the sheet music at home. Even with all of the snow on the ground and the extreme cold temperatures, hearts are light inside. After 12 months of working on the construction project, we are now 99 percent completed.

Little by little we’re getting our new furnishings in; but, if you haven’t visited for a while you’re in for a very big treat. Some people have been caught stopping in their tracks halfway across the lobby because they think they’re in the wrong library.

Staff members are getting their workouts. Who needs a treadmill when you can walk a couple of miles a day just getting your job done?

Every department has had changes made, and we don’t look half bad.

Besides the expanded floor space and shelf arrangements, our users will also discover we’ve moved to “Open Holds Shelving.” Basically, this means that if you have an item on reserve you can help yourself to your materials on the open holds shelf near the adult new books; and, later this spring we will have the new self-checkout stations operational.

Along with the self-checkout kiosks, we will also have self-check-in. Those returning materials to the library will simply pass their items through a window onto a conveyor belt where materials will be sorted automatically and then dropped into a designated bin.

If you’ve had bad experiences with self-checkout stations in the past, don’t worry. Staff that used to be stationed behind a desk will now be able to roam the floor and give one-on-one personal assistance to MPL customers. Our aim is to improve our customer service and make MPL a warm, friendly, place to hang out.

In the Adult Services area, a new desk allows the staffs to sit with a customer and share a computer monitor so both staff and customer can view the monitor together.

Staff members that have never had workspace and designated offices now have both. The computer department now has a training lab for classes. The Teens have their own space, and the youth have nearly double the space they previously had.

Users now have two more study rooms, and even the Board got a new Conference Room.

Here’s hoping Matteson residents enjoy our new updated facility. See you at the library.

Kathy Berggren, Library Director

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