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Library Policies

SECTION 1:  Access to Library Services
Section 1.1:  Americans with Disabilities Act Policy

Section 1.2:  Confidentiality of Library Records Policy

Section 1.3:  Public Participation in Library Decision Making Policy

Section 1.4:  Hours of Operation Policy

Section 1.5:  Electronic Information network and Computer Systems Use Policy

Section 1.6:  Library Programs Policy

Section 1.7:  Emergency Closings Policy

Section 1.8:  Evacuation of Building Policy

Section 1.9:  Homebound Services Policy

Section 1.10:  Suspension of Borrowing Privileges Policy

SECTION 2:  Patron Conduct

Section 2.1:  Patron Behavior

Section 2.3:  Violence, Threats of Violence and Weapons Prohibited

Section 2.4:  Unattended and/or Disruptive Minor Children

Section 2.5:  Harassment and Lewd Behavior Prohibited

Section 2.6:  Patron Use of Library Supplies

Section 2.7:  Eating and Drinking in the Library

Section 2.8:  Library Theft and the Protection of Library Property and Materials

Section 2.9:  Smoke Free Illinois Act/Use of Tobacco Related Products Prohibited

Section 2.10 Animals in the Library

SECTION 3:  Membership

Section 3.1:  Resident Membership

Section 3.2:  Non-resident Membership

Section 3.3:  Non-resident Property Owner Membership

Section 3.4:  Non-resident Cardholders’ Rights

SECTION 4:  Finances

Section 4.1:  Authority to Spend

Section 4.2:  Budget and Finance Policy

Section 4.3:  Financial Division of Responsibility between Board and Librarian

Section 4.4:  Indemnification and Insurance

Section 4.5:  Investment of Public Funds

Section 4.6:  Routine Banking Procedures

Section 4.7:  Returned Checks

SECTION 5:  Use of Materials

Section 5.1:  Registration of Patrons

Section 5.2:  Confidentiality of Library Patron Records

Section 5.3:  Circulation of Materials

Section 5.4:  Fees for Services

Section 5.5:  Fines and Recovery of Overdue Materials

Section 5.6:  Reciprocal Borrowing Privileges

Section 5.7:  Interlibrary Loan

Section 5.8:  Protection of Copyright

SECTION 6:  Collection Development

Section 6.1:  Materials Selection/Collection Development Policy

Section 6.2:  Gift, Donation, Sponsorship and Naming Rights Policy

Section 6.3:  Materials in Languages Other than English

Section 6.4:  Requests for Reconsideration of Materials

Section 6.5:  Material Withdrawal or De-selection

Section 6.6:  Linking to External Resources

SECTION 7:  Reference and Information Services

Section 7.1:  Reference and Information Services

Section 7.2:  Homework Assistance

Section 7.3:  Faxing

Section 7.4:  Photocopying

Section 7.5:  Database Searching

Section 7.6:  Internet Use Policy

Section 7.7:  Proctoring Exams

Section 7.8:  Records Retention

SECTION 8:  Access and use of facilities

Section 8.1:  Use of Meeting Rooms

Section 8.2:  Exhibits, Displays, Bulletin Boards

Section 8.3:  Distribution of Free Material

Section 8.4:  Religious Programming and Decorations

Section 8.5:  Partnerships with Other Groups and Organizations

Section 8.6:  Friends of the Library

Section 8.7:    Equipment Usage

Section 8.8:     Use of Public Phone

Section 8.9:     Bicycles, skateboards, etc.

Section 8.10:  Parking lot after hours

Section 8.11:   Lost and Found

Section 8.12    Charging Electronic Equipment

SECTION 9:  Code of Ethics                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

SECTION 10: Miscellaneous Policies

Section 10.1: Digital Video Security Camera Policy

Section 10.2:  Volunteers

Section 10.3:  Meetings and Telephone Conferencing

Section 10.4:  Anti-Fraud Policy

Section 10.5:  Photography, Videotaping, and Use of Other Recording Devices

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