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Request for Proposal – Radio Frequency Identification System

Matteson-Public-Library-RFID-Project Proposal

Frequently Asked Questions & Responses.

1. May 15th, 2013. On page 3 of 7 of the RFP under the heading of Phase 1 Project Timetable it is indicated in the second bullet point Deadline for questions:  June 15, 2013. Under the heading of Submittal Requirements it is indicated in line one:  The deadline for questions is May 31, 2013 at 2:00pm. Can you clarify which dates is correct?

There was an error in the original proposal. The correct deadline for questions is May 31, 2013. The error has been corrected in the proposal posted online.

2. May 20, 2013.  Are library staff going to complete the conversion or are you considering sub-contracting that duty?

Library staff will be completing the conversion.

3. May 22, 2013. What ILS is the Library currently using?

The Library is using the Innovative Millennium ILS as a member of the SWAN consortium.

4. May 24th, 2013. Your RFP has been forwarded to me.  I just want to be sure this is current as there are two different years given, the front states June 17, 2012 and also on page 3 as a date due and elsewhere it is 2013.  Is it 2013?

The correct proposal due date is June 17th. 2013, not 2012.

5. May 28th, 2013.  Are you requesting just one set of proposal responses for the RFP or would you like more?

The RFP did not specify so one copy is sufficient.

6. May 30th, 2013.  On page 6 second specification it states; RFI tags and strips will be placed next to existing tags. The system must be able to read and write to the new tags without interference.

Question:-          Do you mean RFID or RFI?

This should read RFID

-          Is the “strip” EM? Are you currently using EM?

We are currently using Checkpoint RF tags, not EM strips

-          What type of “existing security tag” is on the material now?

They are 2 inch quare RF tags from an approximately 10 year old Checkpoint system. They are not RFID tags.

-          What are the gates you have now, and are they operational?

The gates we have now are operational do not function well because they are placed too far apart. They will be replaced and relocated in Phase 2 of this project.






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