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Computer Use

Matteson Public Library Computer Lab

Rules for use

Who may use the Library’s Computer Lab?

Computers are available to users with a Matteson Public Library card, a library card from a Metropolitan Library System (MLS) member library, or a library card with a compatible barcode from another library system.

Users’ library cards must be in good standing with less than $20.00 in outstanding fines and fees.

Users must present their own Library card to access the computers. Library cards are NOT transferable to other users. Violation of this policy may result in suspension of computer and Library privileges.

Staff is not permitted to look up the card numbers of users who have forgotten or lost their library card. Users needing a new card should apply for one at the Circulation Desk.

Users over 18 years of age without a library card may access the computers with a visitor pass. A visitor pass may be obtained by presenting a current picture ID, such as a driver’s license or state ID, showing the user’s name and address.

Users under 18 years of age

Parents are responsible for their child’s Internet use. All users under 18 must have signed parental permission to use the Internet.

Permission for Matteson Public Library cardholders under 18 is verified by the user’s SWAN patron record.

Users from other libraries must have a parent sign the “Internet Use Registration Form” and have a green Internet permission sticker placed on their library card.

Users under the age of 18 without a library card must have the same form signed but will be given a visitor pass valid only for the day issued.

Users under 18 without Internet permission may not sit with or watch another minor patron who has permission.

Users under 13 are restricted to the Youth Services Computers unless accompanied by an adult, 18 or older.


Computers are available to walk-in users on a first come, first serve basis. Advance reservations are not taken.

If all computers are busy, a user may login to the reservation station to reserve the next available computer.

Session Time

Session time for users with library cards is one hour. A user may login for a second one hour session if computer time is available. Maximum computer time is 2 hours per day for users with library cards.

Maximum time for a visitor pass is limited to ½ hour of use on the day issued. A user may have only one visitor pass per day.

Session time beyond the maximum is extended only in special circumstances, such as technical difficulties with a computer or extra time needed to complete an online exam. Extension of time is at the discretion of the Computer Attendant.

All sessions end ½ hour prior to the Library’s closing.


Black and white prints are 10¢ per page.

Color prints are 30¢ per page.

Users may not use their own paper in the Library’s printers.

You cannot print to an Matteson Public Library printer from a laptop.

Responsibility of Users

Users are required to read and accept the Library’s Internet policy before logging in.

The Library reserves the right to terminate the session, evict the user, or suspend the privileges of computer users who violate library policies or procedures.

Users are responsible for bringing their own flash drives to save their data. The Library is not responsible for lost data. Flash drives may be purchased in the Computer Lab and at the Adult and Youth Services’ Reference Desks.

Using other computers throughout the Library

How do I use my laptop?

Library staff cannot provide technical support if you are using your own device. Please refer to your owner’s manual or other support services offered by your
device manufacturer.


Wireless Internet access is available in the Adult and Youth Services sections and in the Meeting Room. Patrons are welcome to bring their laptop computers to access the Internet. Use of the Library’s wireless network constitutes acceptance of the [Library’s Internet Use Policy].

The Library does not filter Internet access for content. Parents of children under 18 are responsible for supervising their child’s Internet use.

Security: The Library’s wireless network is unsecured and it is recommended that patrons have current anti-virus software installed on their computers. The Library is not responsible for any damage to a patron’s equipment occurring during use of the Library’s wireless network.

No printers are available on the wireless network.

How do I use my laptop or other wireless device?

You will need: a laptop computer, wireless Network Interface Card (NIC) and a laptop configured to use the library’s Internet connection.

Matteson Public Library is 802.11b compatible.

Set your wireless device’s software using the following configuration:

Mode: Infrastructure (the connection method)
SSID: MPLPUBLIC or MPLpublic3 in Adult Service area(the name of the wireless network is case sensitive)
SSID: MPLPUBLIC or MPLyouth in Youth Service area(the name of the wireless network is case sensitive)
SSID: MPLmtg in Meeting Room area(the name of the wireless network is case sensitive)
WEP: disabled (disables Wired Equivalent Privacy)
IP address or network settings: DHCP enabled or obtain IP address automatically.
Please Note: Library staff cannot provide technical support if you are using your own computer. Please consult your owner’s manual or contact the technical support department of your device’s manufacturer.

What software is on each computer?


You can search the catalog from any computer in the building. A  “stand-alone” catalog station is located in Adult Services and one in Youth Services.

Adult Services
  • Library Catalog
  • Library Databases
Youth Services
  • Library Catalog
  • Internet (Microsoft Internet Explorer–IE)
  • Library Databases
  • Microsoft Office Professional *
  • Windows Media Player
  • Educational Games for older kids

Chat and Instant Messaging are not available on library computers.

* Microsoft Office Professional: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft  PowerPoint, Microsoft  Access, Microsoft FrontPage

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