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Exhibits & Display Case

During the library’s construction phase, we will not be scheduling any display case exhibits. After the construction/expansion is completed, please contact Colleen (708-748-4431) to schedule exhibits for the display case. 


All exhibits in the Library are scheduled and handled by staff.  Exhibits will be accepted based upon the following criteria:

  • appropriateness to library services and collections
  • general community interest
  • timeliness of topic
  • suitability of the exhibit to the space available for display

Individuals or groups who have ideas for exhibits of interest to the community are encouraged to suggest them to the Library Director Kathy Berggren  or Colleen Vander Hye at (708) 748-4431.

Guidelines for Displays

Display Case Rules
  1. Displays will be accepted from individuals or not-for-profit groups only.
  2. Matteson residents and organizations have first priority.
  3. An Exhibit Agreement  form must be signed and returned to Marsha Lotz.
  4. Displays must be set up on the first of the month and must be taken out by the last day of the month. Please call ahead to open the case.
  5. To be in this high-traffic area, displays must be attractive and of general interest to the community.
  6. The display case has a lock, however, the library is not responsible for lost or damaged items.
  7. The library reserves the right to take down the display if necessary.

Display Case Measurements:

Width – 5′ 8″

Height – 4′

Depth – 2′ 8″

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