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How To Get A Library Card

Residents of Incorporated Matteson:
  • Present two forms of identification that include your name and current address. (One should be a picture ID).
  • Acceptable IDs include a driver’s license or State ID, utility bill within the last 2 months, property tax bill within the last 12 months, postmarked mail such as a bill within the last 2 months, bank statement from previous month, voter’s registration card, or an automobile registration.
Residents of Incorporated Matteson under 18 years of age:
  • May use identification with the family name and address (see above).
  • Must also have a signature of a parent or legal guardian who resides in Matteson on the child’s library card application.  (Must show proof of guardianship papers).
Residents of Unincorporated Matteson:

Any household that does not receive a water bill lives in an unincorporated area.  Residents of unincorporated Matteson may purchase a library card.  The price of a library card is determined by your property tax bill.  Please call the library circulation department for details at 708-748-4431.



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